Lcd Soundsystem- All My Friends 7"

"All My Friends" is the second single off of Lcd Soundsystem's sophomore album Sound Of Silver. Beginning with a simple piano melody that continues throughout the track. Drums kick in to back up the melody around 50 seconds with guitar shortly after that. After 1:20 of musical build up vocalist James Murphy steps into the song. From there the song builds with a musical melody that, while repetitive (like many dancefloor tracks), continues to feel fresh throughout the entire song. all of the building up finally comes to its peak around 6:30 in the song when James really steps up with his vocals and makes himself heard over the music on the track and continues through till the end of the track.

The flip side to the 7" is a cover by John Cale of Velvet Underground fame. Unlike the original John uses more traditional instruments, most notable is the missing of the piano line replaced this time by bass guitar (notably played by James Murphy himself). The song, while the same at heart, feels completely different. From the different instruments used to John's vocal delivery of the track. One big setback to the song is the fact that the vocals tend to be lacking the emotion or punch that make the song special, while they work for the sound of the song it doesn't quite feel the same compared to the original.

Score: 4/5

There is also a different variation of this particular 7" that includes the radio edit of the track and Franz Ferdinand covering the song. The Franz version uses guitars to play the melody of the piano, during the verses the song is more mellow then kicks in during the chorus before slowing back down. After the second chorus the band keeps the pace up for the remainder of the song. The one problem with this cover of the song is that it doesn't stay as fresh as the original, feeling a little repetitive towards the middle of the track. It might be because vocalist Alex Kapranos doesn't have too much distinction in his voice on the track thus it begins to sound a bit monotone. Musically the track is pretty solid but its nothing too much to set itself out from the pack.
Score: 3/5

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Harrison said...

you use repetitive and fresh in the same sentence ;D

but good review; i haven't given his new stuff any listening. not even Sounds of Silver. O-O